Concept Art!

Hank went through a LOT of changes during production: from running around without a ball, to rolling around in SPACE, to possibly being named Huey or HAMUSTRO. Here are just a few examples of work from our artists that didn’t make it into the final game! (Click to enlarge)


We’ve been swamped with work lately, but it’s been worth it: we just released Hank Hazard: The Stunt Hamster for Android! Those of you with Android devices can download it for free on Google Play.

Want to see what else we’re still working on? Check out Sneak Peeks for some 2.5D Hank Hazard action and some Olympic gods.

Thank you TouchArcade!

“Whenever I start to tire of Chillingo‘s constantly expanding range of casual physics-based games, they have a tendency to release another cute and enjoyable game. Somehow they always manage to lure another dollar from my wallet. But frankly, who can resist a few hours entertainment for a single dollar, when it features puzzles, a wide-eyed hamster, and bombs.” – Touch Arcade

Breaking Top 100 – Yeah!

Thank you Slide To Play!

“Hank Hazard has enough content and challenge to keep you interested for quite a while, with fun, breezy gameplay. Hank keeps it fun, and you rarely feel frustrated for having to replay a level five times to get all three stars. For the low price and the friendship of Hank, the hamster with a dream, you can’t go wrong.” – Slide to Play